Event Recap: We had 12 cars going with 9 racing and 3 exhibition/display.
- Patrick’s black GTR came out of the gate running his first 7-sec pass (7.87@187mph) after 2 years of trying so hard in the 58mm class
- Kenny’s Lambo qualified with a a couple solid 8.40s@169mph
- ...Brady’s red GTR ran a solid 8.2@173 for his first event
- Brandon’s “Badtz Maru” GTR still hunting down some traction issue.
- Bryson’s blue GTR: unfortunately we had some heat issue with turbos causing some damages to wire harness that prevented us to continue
- Luna’s GTR cut her best 60ft times but it was a little to aggressive to maintain traction
- Kyli’s “Queen of Hearts” GTR barely snuck in for qualifying
- Ayla’s matte black GTR (borrowed from Edgar Montoya because her twin turbo C8 couldn’t make it in time for race day) qualified with 8.8@157mph in her first pass and personal best in a car she never sat in before the event.

Eliminations Results and some Highlights:
- Patrick’s GTR winning the DCT Champ class and achieved his first 7-sec pass. Was also the last pair of any cars going down Houston Raceway forever.
- Kyli Moore, one of our “green” rookie driver taking home 2nd place in the GTR Champ class with her freshly built Queen of Hearts GTR .
- Ayla Galeyeva also another rookie driver, in a car that she never driven before taking home 2nd place in the DCT Pro Class.
- Kenny Tran in his ultra consistent Lambo TT ran 8.46, 8.45, 8.34@173mph. A launch timeout prevented me from advancing through the round
- Brady Hindman, another rookie driver from our camp but one of our top qualifiers and honesty made a mistake by leaving the launch in burn-out mode. We’re sure this won’t happen again for Brady
- Luna Tran unfortunately didn’t do well this year and was disqualified from failure to stage in watched our 3 friends roll down the track to take home a total of 3 trophies for Jotech

None of this would’ve happen obviously without our talented crew members Tony, Kevin, Seth, Christian, Jason, Luke and Chris. Not to mention 47 other friends and family who all came out to help and supported us. These are not just clients and friends. This is family!


We did it Team! Congrats to @_boostd_ for 1st Place in DCT Champ class @rosekyli 2nd Place in DCT Champ and @galeyeva for 2nd place in DCT Pro class.
More photos and videos to flood our page in the next few days to follow

Day 1: Unloaded during the rain. Everything will be condense in tomorrow qualifying Saturday and elimination on Sunday. Go Jotech Team!

Behind the scenes of us doing the work with 3 days left before transporting these cars to @tx2k for competition.

This is why we have the best team in the business. We don’t crack under pressure . Go Team!


Here are some cool photos from our testing sessions


1.5 week left and we have so much work left to do on @rosekyli GTR. We will get it done!


Couple of 8.5@170mph passes after we broke an axle the week before. Feels good to have back on track.

Thanks to @wayneosan to sort out the launch on this car to make it consistent

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