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I took my 992 Turbo S to Kenny for a full exhaust upgrade, better intercooler and M Eng. tune. Kenny was very personable and knowledgeable during the entire process. Perfect tune with no CEL. This guy knows his stuff. Hopefully he will post pics of my car on his website so I can show my friends. Seriously, solid shop with current technology, trained techs and good customer service. Hard to find in my experience in N Texas. Go see them.

I recently bought a Lamborghini Huracan and was looking for a place to get some upgrades. The Lamborghini dealership recommend Jotech Motorsports. I met with Kenny; he is very nice, professional and extremely knowledgeable. If you’re a sports car guy like me, you definitely have to reach out to Jotech. They do an amazing job bringing any vehicle to the next level. They have cars with 2,000 HP , 0 to 60 in 1.5 second. It will blew your mind. I 100% recommend Kenny at Jotech Motorsports. They are in business for almost 30 years and they definitely know what they are doing there. True professionals. Go and check it out, you will be wildly impressed. I am 100% satisfied. My car looks, sounds and drives even better now. Money well spent.

My first experience with Jotech was when I did a cruise in my car and sheered off axle bolts. Jotech didn’t build or service my car before that but they took my car in without question, with a tech even waiting around at the shop until my car arrived on a flatbed.

Because of that experience, Jotech became the only place I would take car for any performance or maintenance needs. I’ve since worked closely with Jotech to achieve my performance goals on the car, with careful planning and timing to ensure safety and success, both on and off the drag strip.

Kenny, Kevin, Seth and all the guys at the shop have provided a level of support I didn’t know still existed in the automotive industry. I highly recommend Jotech for performance needs on your GTR, V10 platform, and C8 Corvettes. You will not be disappointed in the results you get!

I have been a customer of jotech for 20 years and would never do business with another shop. Kenny and team is amazing and puts customers first. Most recently Kenny installed turbos and tuned my R8. Christian was meticulous with his workmanship. The attention to detail, communication through the install process , his employees, and never cutting corners will keep me coming back to jotech. Jotech is family.

“Jotech MotorSports has modified and tuned two of my cars, 2016 GTR and 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S.  This shop is one of the top shops in the Dallas / Forth Worth area.  Kenny has done excellent work with both cars and always uses the best parts available.  I would use this shop again without hesitation.   Thanks Kenny….”

Absolutely top notch service and builds!!
They have build a 700hp GTR for me and a full blown race car GTR for me. Both extremely fast and reliable!

Kenny and the guys at Jotech took great care of my R8. They installed KW shocks with a front lifted. Everything works great. Car fills so much more planted to the ground now. They had the car for a few days. Changed the oil, checked out the supercharger and checked the car over for any maintenance issues.


“THESE GUYS WERE AWESOME!!! Kenny, Tony, I couldn’t thank you guys enough!! Fell in love with my car all over again. Those who are on the fence about getting a Stage 2 done on your GT-R, don’t hesitate!! They make it safe, reliable, and dummy-proof. Quick turn around time also!! When I called and spoke with Tony, he mentioned they were booked through April and that he would try to squeeze me in. Dropped my car off Thursday and got it back Saturday. FAST!! Glad to be a part of the Jotech family!”

“It’s been along time since I’ve visited the shop. Came in one day last week the front room was packed with all kinds of cool car toys and add-ons I spoke with Tony he was very helpful and answered all my questions. After being there about 20 minutes and speaking with Tony he asked would you like to see our shop? I kind of wasn’t expecting that so I shrug my shoulders and said sure. Tony invited me to the back area where they had several cars lined up and lifted up on car lifts. He explained there was a pretty big race going on this coming weekend and he told me about the race, it was really cool seeing all of these import cars. None of them were stock and they all had a unique look to them that I had never really seen before. I left a few moments later Left the shop thankful that I had the opportunity to go in and do business with Tony”

Jotech is THE “go to” shop not only in Texas, but in all areas of the U.S. and even Canadian clients who have shipped their cars to Jotech for tuning and other performance related activities. I have had a few Nissan GTR’s tuned by Kenny Tran’s company and their outstanding work is proven by the many trophies seen in his showroom. I drove up from Austin and was in and out in one day. The Mexican restaurant next door serves good breakfast and lunches. I feel fortunate that I am close enough to make the easy drive. Nissan GTR’s were the Jotech specialty cars early on, and now they handle Audi R8’s, McClaren’s, and Lamborghini’s. I highly recommend this company.

“…lead to a catastrophic engine failure of my 2009 GTR. The guys at Jotech Motorsports came and picked-up the car, still in pieces, and we came up with Stage 4 plan to totally upgrade the car’s performance. Thanks to the Japanese tsunami, the build took longer than planned, however, it was done on budget and resulted in more than 800 awhp and full drivability – the car is equally happy on the road, as it is on the track. A great job by Jotech and I would highly recommend to other GTR owners considering serious modifications.”

“Upfront and honest is what Kenny the owner and everyone else at the shop has been with me since day one. I had some used wheels put on to my GTR and some issues happened later where I had to tow my car back home afterwards. Kenny took care of me by sending his tech all the way to my house which isn’t a short drive and took care of the issue right at the convenience of my home.”

“I highly recommend JoTECH. I recently took my car in to address issues from a previous tune done at another shop. Immediately I was very impressed with Kenny’s knowledge, passion, and attention to detail. His communication throughout the process was very thorough and he turned my car around in a timely manner as promised. I couldn’t be happier with the results and will definitely bringing my car back for future enhancements and upgrades.”

Jotech Motorsports is by far the best shop I have ever had the pleasure of working with! There is a reason why they are the number 1 shop in all of Texas and in the Top tier of shops across the nation! Their knowledge and workmanship is second to none. I mean it is pretty cool to know that the owner Kenny Tran who is Champion Professional Drag Racer is actually turning wrenches on your car! The Shop Manager is the actual Race teams Crew chief! And all of the Technicians are on the Race team as well. So they don’t just have mechanical knowledge, but they all know how to win!

Their customer service is flawless! There is no job too big or too small. One of the things that I like about them so much is their honesty. If they don’t think that your vision is the best way or safest way for performance they will educate you on the subject so that you have a car you can enjoy for years to come. Their reliability and support is like that of a family and will always be there for you! The Salesmen themselves are actual technicians so when you call in, you know that your getting the best advice possible.

All together I have been taking my car to Jotech for 2 years now, and I want to thank them for all their hard work, and turning it into the beast it is now! And I cant wait for it to be done on my last stage! Its going to be a record breaker! I will never take my car to any other shop ever! Jotech for LIFE!!!!!! That’s how much I stand behind them!”

“It’s been said thousands of times but it can never be said enough that Jotech Motorsports is hands down the BEST shop around. Proving extensive knowledge and reliability over the years, this is the place to go for anyone thinking about having work done to his/her vehicle. The overall atmosphere when stepping into the shop is AMAZING, whether you’re a first time customer or a constant repeated customer, you’re greeted with open arms every time along with a smile.

It’s been a real treat watching this company grow over the years and I’m excited for future things to come. I still remember walking into the shop for the first time back in 2001, man how time flies. Again, I cannot thank you guys enough!! To, Kenny , Tony, Kevin, Pepper, Seth, Christian and Jason, thanks for everything guys!”

“Living in the bay area of California I have a lot of options as far as tuning. During my search to find someone to put a roll cage in my GT-R I found Jotech Motorsports. At the time they were one of the only shops than had done more than a one-off cage and had worked out most of the bugs for a six point cage. My confidence in the cage was further bolstered when I found out about their NHRA heritage.

While working out the particulars of when to do the work I was impressed by Jotech’s professionalism. I always got a returned phone call or email in a timely fashion. The experience lead to me deciding to also have some mods done to add durability and reliability to the car since I intend to track the car in a variety of conditions including temperatures in the high 90’s. Since my first contact with Kenny and his group I have been impressed with their attention to detail, timeliness, and overall professionalism.

Jotech is a well run business with great customer service. The inconvenience of getting my car from California to Texas and back has been well worth it. I would do it again and probably will. Thanks Jotech.”

“What I really appreciate the most about Jotech Motorsports is when I pop in out of the blue and they spend valuable time of theirs to go over just simple ideas with my car. I’ve got my own busy schedule, and it’s great to be able to swing by whenever I can manage to, and still get the job done 100%.

The other thing I value most about this shop is the employees honesty. They’re not afraid to tell me when something I want to do to my car isn’t the best thing to do — they’re not just out to make money off of me. I don’t ever plan on taking my cars to a different shop, and I don’t think I’ll ever need to, as they’ve been expanding the amount and type of cars they work on every year.

I can’t wait to upgrade my car to Stage 3, and I know I’ll get the most power possible out of my car with Jotech. I definitely highly recommend this shop and their staff to anyone looking for performance modifications!”

“Kenny and the team at Jotech Motorsports provide outstanding service. They upgraded my Nissan GT-R with an enormous amount of attention to detail, care and precision. It’s a pleasure to work with such a professional team who know what they are doing, are keen to share their passion and follow up rapidly on any minor issues you may find after the work. I have become and will continue to be a repeat customer.”

Jotech Motorsports has exceeded my highest expectations every time they work on my GT-R. They listen to my needs and understand my goals, tailoring a plan that addresses my specific car and how I drive it. I feel truly fortunate to have such a trusted, honest resource with the knowledge and experience to make it fast and keep it safe. By far the best shop I have ever worked with, on any car I have owned to date.”

“Over the past two years I have very actively tracked my ’09 GT-R around the Midwest. When I decided to do some major modifications I turned to Kenny Tran at Jotech Motorsports. Since that time Kenny and I have worked closely together to design a program that uses the car exclusively for road track performance driving. Jotech and Kenny have been incredibly knowledgeable and cooperative.

When problems have arisen they have been addressed and solved, no matter how difficult or complicated. Service has been exceptional in every way. The car performance is breathtaking and Kenny and his staff are, without question, the best.”

Jotech Motorsports has always exceeded my expectations! Giving me not just POWER but Reliability!!! Not to mention he is a GREAT person and always the customer best interest at heart! Thanx Kenny!!”

“I first went to Jotech Motorsports in 2001 after a bad experience with another shop. At the time I was only interested in lowering my Honda Accord with springs. The team at Jotech took care of the issues caused by the other shop, explained everything in detail and provided a fair price for the parts and labor. In 2003 I bought the new 350Z and decided to take it to the next level.

A 3 year project that started with simple suspension mods turned into a fully built longblock, twin turbo, custom exhaust, wheels, brakes, coilovers, seats, custom lighting, etc full blown project car. Since it was one of the first twin turbo Z’s in the U.S. and then later one of the first built motor 350’s, we encountered issues that no one was aware of. Kenny and his team worked through each obstacle along the way and allowed me to reach my dream of the ultimate street car. At 615whp / 597tq on 93 octane, it was an unbelievable car. With Kenny’s tuning, the car ran perfectly, even at idle.

When I moved on from the 350Z to a 2009 GT-R, Jotech again helped with suspension, wheels and a custom Cobb Access Port tune. It wasn’t long before I bought my latest car, a 2004 Gallardo. Jotech did the custom LED lighting throughout the car, including the headlights that always get the attention of enthusiasts. I have worked with Jotech Racing for 9 years and 5 cars and would not trust anyone else with my rides. From import to domestic, to exotics, this team knows what they are doing and always delivers for their customers.

I have watched them grow from a small shop with limited space to a state of the art facility. It was all done by taking care of their customers. They treat you like family and I would highly recommend Jotech Motorsports for any type of car project.”

“The team, sorry, family, at Jotech Motorsports is by far the best shop you could ever hope to find. There is a level of knowledge and expertise that is unsurpassed. I felt welcomed within in seconds. Their prices are amazing. They have worked on my cars since 2001 and recommend them to everyone I meet.”

Jotech Motorsports was extremely professional. They understood what I was looking for, recommended options that met those needs and were also conscious of the budget. Even when they had a problem getting a part delivered, they had a back-up option that turned out to be of better quality than the original part ordered!

The install went smooth with high quality parts, a knowledgeable staff and a relentless attention to detail; I know the job is done right. But the most impressive aspect was the care in tuning the car to deliver maximum power with maximum drivability. My car is a daily driver so it needs to be dependable, and with the modifications and tuning from Jotech, I can drive it with confidence.

I highly recommend Jotech to anyone looking to upgrade or personalize their vehicle.”

“My first time going to Jotech was in 1999 with a Honda Civic SI. They’ve been known for Street Performance since 1995 in Dallas, TX. Kenny and his entire staff are extremely knowledgeable on modifying cars. Kevin & Tony are very helpful and know the cars inside and out. I came back to have my Supra modified and couldn’t be happier with the work. This is a true performance shop for sports cars, they don’t just bolt on parts and give you the car back, they actually squeeze as much power out of your car as they can and prove it with the end result. This is the #1 place for Nissan GTRs. Don’t hesitate just do it!!  Warning this place is highly addictive.”